how it works


StreamHub: an online control panel, enabling streams to be created and managed

StreamSwitch: integrated 4-way video switcher, with audio control (StreamPRO and NET)

StreamVU: enables online viewers to dynamically select and switch their own camera angles (StreamPRO and NET)

StreamChat: enables an interactive Chat session to be created for online viewers

StreamPlayer: playback of recorded video or graphics for slides, advertisements, sponsorship messages, etc

StreamSave: integrated recording of streams

StreamStats: viewer statistics per live stream

StreamerVPN: annual license key to enable a StreamerNET server to stream over corporate Intranet.

Streamer is a complete solution that reaches your audience via our global distribution network, who can view your live event on computers, tablets and smartphones without the need for any additional client software.

Live streams can easily be created in less than 1 min using StreamHUB, our browser-based control panel. As well as controlling the event, StreamHUB also supports Pay-Per-View for revenue generation, Zone-Restricting to manage who can access your live stream, and our mobile App for highly secure live streams to protect your content